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Native Houstonians - We know the people, We know the process!

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As second and third generation native Houstonians, Renée Landers and her son Garrett Landers continue to be proud of Houston's growth. More importantly, LCI is excited to be an active participant. LCI is hired, not only for the strong daily work ethic and attention to detail, but also for the intangibles that 35+ years of permit expediting experience brings to the table. Our professionalism and persistence have helped us develop an excellent rapport with local building officials as well as earn respect and familiarity in the AEC community.

Why Hire Landers Consulting, Inc.?

Primarily, LCI is hired to help you save time on your important project. How do we save you time? After 35+ years of successfully expediting Commercial Building Permits at the Houston Permitting Center, we have learned it boils down to a few basics...

We know the people and we know the process

An excellent rapport with City of Houston Building Officials, a thorough understanding of Houston’s complicated permitting process, good communication skills, attention to detail, and persistence. We know the little things that can make a big difference.

We minimize the unknowns and lead times

From the First Submittal, through the entire process, we indentify and communicate which documents are required for your individual project. This creates a user friendly submittal to the City of Houston Permitting Center. We quickly identify and communicate the “long-lead” issues that may slow down the process.

We have a professional rapport built on a history of respect

We have built a professional rapport with the City of Houston Building Officials and Inspections Departments over many years by showing them respect on a daily basis. This special rapport means that when our plans are opened by officials, they are done so with a positive eye.

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